Towing Made Easy in the Ford Super Duty

While towing can be a tough task, Ford has made it a bit easier with the new Super Duty. This beloved heavy-duty pickup truck is built with towing in mind. In addition to its strong frame and impressive towing capabilities, the truck is available at Bob Utter Ford Lincoln with some high-tech features that help you out on the job.

One feature that drivers in Sherman will love is the Trailer Reverse Guidance system. Small cameras are installed on the side mirrors. When you're backing up with a trailer attached, the image from each camera is displayed onto the infotainment screen. You'll be able to see where the trailer is going, allowing you to navigate with confidence.

Also available is the Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring system. Gone are the days of having to get out of your truck to check on your tires. With this feature, sensors on your trailer tires will provide you with real-time pressure information. You'll be able to see that data directly on the digital cockpit display.



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