Cargo space and plenty of seats are two sought-after features for SUVs today. The field is packed, but all SUVs aren't created equal. The Ford Explorer is definitely a quintessential, modern-day SUV. This vehicle has it all from three-row seats to dynamic technologies. Here's more information on its striking design.

The Ford Explorer has evolved with the times, and its exterior design is the perfect reflection of its evolutionary process. This vehicle will come in four trims, and each trim is a little different from the others. Ford is offering an abundance of exterior paints, including agate black, oxford white, spruce silver, copper metallic, red metallic and many more. Strong, slanted lines flow evenly without any breaks or interruptions. The black wheel arches coincides very well with the black body molding that's near the bottom. In contrast to the exterior paint, there are black side mirrors.

For an up-close and personal viewing of this magnificent three-row SUV, then visit our dealership today.



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